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Exceptional Puppies from The Dogmen Inc.

Philosophy Parents Our Pups Breeds Guarantee

One of our daughters walks with several Belgian Malinois pups and a German Shepherd pup. All pups are imprinted to children shortly after birth and receive regular social contact throughout their development.


We breed for consistency in stable temperament, healthy structure and working ability, and sell no lesser pups. Our pups are all priced the same according to breed. There are no variances in price within a given litter. No inflated price for "pick of the litter". While pups may vary somewhat in their personalities, each and every pup will reflect their future handler and environment they are placed in. We do not price our pups according to their pedigree or papers, rather the working ability, stable temperament and good health for which they are bred. Whether you are looking for a pup for home, SAR, or law enforcement, we assure you a pup of good working quality. A dog in the home that must function around children and in public has a job to do, just as a dog used for security or search and rescue. Only their training and environment will differ. You deserve a pup of solid nerves and soundness in health for your family and your children or patrolling the streets in your neighborhood.


All pups receive contact and handling by our children shortly after birth. They continue to receive adult and child contact as they grow on a daily basis. This ensures well-socialized animals with plenty of handling by children. Pups are taken into the home so that they become accustomed to this environment and the various sights, sounds and surfaces that accompany it. They also have exposure to various kinds of livestock including horses.


The selection of pups is done simply by order of deposit received. The first deposit received on the litter constitutes first choice from the litter. We do not charge more for first choice, nor do we believe in "pick of the litter". Every pup has the same chance as the next. It is you the handler that will determine the outcome. To every person viewing the litter, there will be a different "pick of the litter". Clients may choose their own pup with our guidance or may have us choose for them. That decision we leave to you.


Puppy tests generally leave people feeling very good about their chosen pup or very disappointed. We do not feel puppy tests to be accurate criteria for judging pups. This would be akin to walking into a human nursery and determining which infant will be a doctor, which will be a mechanic, which an artist, simply by dropping your keys on the floor. Any pup may react differently on any given day. Only by working with pups hands on over many, many weeks in a variety of situations may indicate more of the pup's character and where his strengths lie. Remember, give a man without artistic talent the finest brushes and paint and what do you think will appear on canvas? Give an artist the same and he will create a masterpiece.


We like to see our dogs go to homes where they have a purpose. This purpose could be a child's companion, a family's protector, a SAR dog, an Assistance Dog, a Security K-9 or Law Enforcement K-9. A life, where they will be treated with kindness, respect and dignity. We do not place dogs in homes destined for the show ring nor for sport competition.

To view some of our dogs in their new homes, please visit our Photo Gallery. Our dogs have been privileged to be placed in such homes as with families, as SAR dogs, as Diamond Dogs, Victim's Service Dogs, Assistance Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Seeing Eye Dogs, the RCMP and various Federal and State Law Enforcement Agencies.

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If you are presently using sporting dogs and training techniques for your security needs, then the only true security you have is false security.



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