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Exceptional Puppies from The Dogmen Inc.

Philosophy Parents Our Pups Breeds Guarantee


The parents of each and every litter are certified working serviceä dogs. This means each prospective parent must successfully complete training at our facility overseen by Mike McConnery for obedience under stress, working agility, scent work and/or protection work. The rigors of training not only test each dog's physical abilities, but also his or her structure, temperament and stability.

It is not our policy to have "brood bitches" or "stud males". The dogs used at DOGMEN for breeding are our own personal dogs, which live and work in our home around our children. They protect our home and guard our perimeter. They are SAR dogs, Victim's dogs, Detection dogs, law enforcement dogs and more. They are fully trained service dogs, actively working in our home or on the street.

We do not have row upon row of kennels; housing breeding stock whose sole purpose in life is to reproduce. We will breed a female for one or two litter and then sell her. This ensures she gets a good home, has a functional working life and we are able to preserve desired bloodlines, without having many, many dogs confined to a life of kennelization. When a child earns a diploma after years of schooling, they continue on to a productive, challenging working world. When a dog receives a sporting title, he is retired from work and imprisoned to a life of reproduction. When a dog completes his training, it should be a beginning, not an end.


At DOGMEN we breed based on temperament, health and workability. We look at performance not pedigree. It is our firm belief that many of our dog registries and their promotion of breeding for a type have directly caused the decline of our working breeds. We have Retrievers that can no longer retrieve, Pointers that no longer Point, and German Shepherds that no longer have the traits of intelligence, loyalty, and protectiveness they were bred to have. It is our desire to permanently move away from these registries. They have not only damaged the physical appearance of our dogs, but their temperament, the health of their structure and their general health.

At this time you can expect to receive either CKC or AKC papers for your German Shepherd, CKC or UKC papers for most Belgian Malinois. Please check with us for information on specific litters.


A big question for most people is what lines are your dogs? Where are they from? Well, our dogs are our own bred, raised and trained by Mike & Petra McConnery. They are DOGMEN lines. They are our lines, bred and raised on our facility. We believe a dedicated breeder can only hope to improve his chosen breed by knowing his dogs, by raising them, by working with them, generation after generation. Occasionally we will introduce a new dog into our breeding program, to diversify and improve our genetic resources. This dog must pass our training requirements and demonstrate stability around children before he or she is introduced into our breeding program. The first litter is kept back and raised on our facility, so that we may observe the health, temperament and workability of their offspring. This dog is chosen based on his/her performance, not his country of origin, nor his pedigree.

We are strongly opposed to dog jockeying and constantly selling pups from import parents only. You can never truly know the dogs you sell or breed if they are always stemming from another breeder's stock. Every decade seems to bring with it the "trendy flavor" for dog importing. In German Shepherds it has passed from West Germany to East Germany to the Czech Republic. Good and bad specimens exist in any given country. All German Shepherds can be traced back to Germany. It is up to the individual breeder to maintain the health and integrity of the breed.

We stay away from show and sporting lines and breed strictly working lines suitable for family, therapy work, law enforcement, search and rescue and any real life related application. We find show lines to have heavy back and hock angulation creating an animal with an unnatural gait and structure. As workability is no longer part of the show ring, the original steady temperament, intelligence, and natural ability of the breed is lost. We find the sporting world has created and unbalanced, prey driven animal, which has lost the ability to function calmly and think things through. These dogs will often chase a ball through a running fan with no thought process. They often will not settle quietly in the home. They are no longer a thinking animal but the driven thoughtless creature they have been bred to be.

You will find that most of our female German Shepherd's Dogs are descendants of the dogs of Mike's mentor, Guenther.

Please contact Petra for further information

If you are presently using sporting dogs and training techniques for your security needs, then the only true security you have is false security.



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