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It is our goal to return the German Shepherd's Dog to his original form and function. Before public popularity and poor breeding ruined the German Shepherd, he was an extremely intelligent, versatile working animal. Today we see animals that are either extremely prey driven, with the inability to think and function in any serious situations and settle down in a home, or dogs with little or no desire to work. Breeding for a type rather than working ability has produced animals with extremely sloped backs and over angulated legs. Human vanity over the years has crippled the German Shepherd both physically and mentally to the poor specimen we often see today. We breed the original German Shepherd's Dog.

Purchase a German Shepherd from DOGMEN, and you will get an animal with great temperament, solid nerves and true working ability. Our dogs have solid, straight backs, and legs, which provides you with a healthy animal to enjoy for many years. A German Shepherd suitable for home and personal protection, great with kids; and with specialized training, a very effective and efficient law enforcement or military k-9. A straight-backed medium to medium large sized dog with minimal leg angulation. Our German Shepherds have steady nerves, a natural desire to work, intelligence with beauty to match.

Our German Shepherd dogs are available black and tan or bi-color (predominately black), with occasional black and red, pure black and sable. Our males will finish at 75 - 85 pounds with some variances thereof. We try to avoid breeding oversized dogs as their excessive bulk decreases their agility, their stamina, the health of their structure and their longevity.


It is our goal to maintain the integrity of the Malinois and not let the breed deteriorate to the unmanageable and over excited prey driven animal that is becoming prevalent today. A Malinois bred at DOGMEN has a strong desire to work, yet steady and manageable, with the ability to think and react under stress. This dog is suitable for work or family alike. Look at vintage dog photos of the German Shepherd from the 1920 or prior and you will see a strong resemblance to the Belgian Malinois.

Our Malinois come in fawn to red and varying shades of sables.

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If you are presently using sporting dogs and training techniques for your security needs, then the only true security you have is false security.



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