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Our Company Philosophy


DOGMEN breeds select quality litters of working German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois, with an occasional Dutch Shepherd litter. We breed for true working ability, not for a type. The ability to think and react under stress. With almost 30 years of experience, we can ensure genetic soundness in both temperament and structure.


The human hand has done much to ruin not only many of our well loved, noble working dogs but also many other animals that were once necessary for man's survival. When reading our beliefs please consider that the road to hell is often paved with good intention. Consider also the strength and hardiness of the mustang compared to the domestic horse. The difference being intervention by the hand of man compared to that of Mother Nature.

It is our firm belief that many modern whelping aids contribute to the decline of our noble breeds of dogs. Heating whelping boxes create an unnatural environment for the dam and her pups. Sickly pups or pups specifically pushed out of the litter by the dam, would otherwise have naturally passed. The heated whelping box along with human induced supplemental feedings ensure every pup survives. To the unschooled heart this may initially appear a wonderful thing. To the knowledgeable dog breeder, truly devoted to the benefit of his breed a great injustice has been done. Consider this. This pup grows into a beautiful looking German Shepherd. Hidden within is a genetic weakness, which may not show up until he is older unless he comes under some stress in his life. The unknowing owner chooses this dog for breeding and you have now weakened the loyal and devoted breed of the German Shepherd. This weakness could lie in health, in temperament, in physical structure or in simple heart.

With the exception of the occasion female living in the home with us, our pups are born out of doors in a sheltered, protected area. We believe very strongly in "survival of the fittest" and allow nature to cull the weak. Our mothers are strong, fit, and healthy working dogs and they are wormed two weeks prior to whelping. Pups are wormed and vaccinated regularly. We do not whelp puppies in climate controlled areas where each and every pup is guaranteed to survive. We do not hand feed or supplement the sick, even in large litters. Pups nurse of their mother's milk, full of natural anti bodies necessary for a healthy functional immune system. We do allow the physically strong and the strong willed to survive. We certainly do not like to see a pup die, however we do both you and the breed a disservice by assisting a pup to live which would normally and naturally have died. As mentioned above, this pup may carry a genetic weakness, which will be passed on to future generations or develop into health problems which are not seen till the dog is much older. After breeding for generation the strongest, fittest working dogs, we have developed a line of genetically, hardy, fit, healthy working dogs.

Breeding dogs must be conducted with knowledge and discipline, not ruled by emotion. Dogs are our most loyal and devoted friends and we do them a great injustice by creating genetic weakness in temperament, structure, and working ability with human intervention.

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If you are presently using sporting dogs and training techniques for your security needs, then the only true security you have is false security.



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