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The Dogmen's Public Classes

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The Dogmen Inc. offers evaluations in breed workability, temperament, structure and problem behavior. Evaluations are done by Mike McConnery. In most cases a solution exists for problem dogs and a dog and handler training program will be recommended. In all cases you will receive an honest and skilled assessment. Mike McConnery is an expert in his field and has over 30 years experience with working breeds.

Puppy Evaluation
( For Pups under 16 weeks )
Adult Dog Evaluation
( For Dogs 17 weeks and over )
$45.00 and Up

Plus Applicable Taxes.

Appointments can be made with Mike's wife, Petra. Please call 905-957-4823 or email

Mike & Petra McConnery * The Dogmen Inc. * NY, USA & ON, CANADA * (905) 957-4823

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