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Our main dog training facility is located rurally outside of a small town called Smithville.

Please find below a list of approximate travelling time from various locations, given to us by past clients. Due to the specialty, expertise and philosophy of our dog training, you will find it well worth the drive. Special arrangements for attendance can be made for people travelling a great distance. Bootcamps are also available for those who are unable to attend weekly and would like to spend a weekend with their dog at The Dogmen Inc.

The Dogmen Inc. is often a last resort for problem dogs. Many try the modern day trend of distraction, avoidance and bribery. These techniques never deal with issue at hand, only the symptoms and often build disrespect and aggression towards the handler. Don't wait until it's too late for your dog.

Please contact us for an appointment and we will give you directions in.

Grimsby: 25 minutes
Hamilton: 30 - 40 minutes
Burlington: 45 minutes
Oakville: 45 minutes - 1 Hr.
Mississauga: 45 minutes - 1 Hr
Etobicoke: 1Hr 15 minutes
Toronto: 1 Hr. 15 - 30 minutes
Richmond Hill: 1 Hr. 30 minutes via 407
Guelph: 1 hr. 15 - 45 minutes
London: 2 Hrs - 2 Hrs 30 minutes
St.Catherine's: 30 minutes
Niagara Falls: 45 minutes
Caledonia: 40 minutes
Ancaster: 40 minutes
Cayuga: 40 minutes
Dunnville: 30 minutes
Barrie: 2 hours
Kingston: 3 hours

Niagara Falls, NY: 45 minutes
Buffalo, NY: 1 Hr

Mike & Petra McConnery * The Dogmen Inc. * NY, USA & ON, CANADA * (905) 957-4823

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