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The German Shepherd dog is a highly intelligent, versatile working animal. He is world renowned for his use in war efforts as sentry dog, search dog, and tactical deployment dog. His ability to herd, to protect, and to guard made the German Shepherd the most widely used guardian and protector of home and flock. The correct name for this dog is The German Shepherd's Dog, as in the dog of the German Shepherd. The German Shepherd has been used extensively for Search and Rescue, looking for the lost and wounded. His uncanny ability to scent makes him and excellent detection dog for narcotics, explosives, environmental leaks and more. His high intelligence and trainability has made him an excellent therapy dog, hearing impaired dog and dog for the blind. Above all the German Shepherd is a most loyal, devoted and faithful companion and friend.

 The German Shepherd dog has a sharp, intelligent appearance and gives an immediate sense of awareness and alertness to his surroundings. He has a smooth, tireless gait, which provides him with great endurance to work. The German Shepherd comes in a variety of colors: all black, black & tan, black & red, and various shades of sable. Ideal working weight for a German Shepherd male is 70-85 pounds, lean and hard; a female 55 to 70 pounds. Working animals should show the last two ribs in their rib cage. Your vet may tell you your dog is underweight, but take a good look at well-toned endurance athletes. Excess weight and size creates a slower, less agile animal with limited endurance. A German Shepherd should have a straight back, straight legs, and powerful muzzle, steady temperament and high working desire. Unfortunately due to his increasing popularity over the decades the German Shepherd has largely been ruined by CKC and AKC show breeders. Weak nerved, sloped backed animals with over angulated legs and too much prey drive or no drive at all, are prevalent in North America and Europe alike. Finding a good German Shepherd is becoming increasingly difficult, and must be done with knowledge. Fortunately for this noble breed, good, healthy, working dogs can still be found.

The German Shepherd is more of a "thinker", and is generally easier to handle than the Malinois or Dutch Shepherd. He is better suited to inexperienced, or first time "protection" dog owners or German Shepherd Dog lovers in general.


A Comparison of The German Shepherd's Dog: Past versus Present


German Shepherd Dog from current dog magazine ad

German Shepherd from current dog magazine ad


German Shepherd dog from current dog magazine ad

German Shepherd dog of 1920

Compare the photos on the left, depicting the German Shepherd dog of the 1920's with the photo above and to the right of a 1998 German Shepherd Champion. Notice the increased angulation of the back and legs of the German Shepherd on the right. The dogs on the left have good solid straight backs and legs, much resembling the Belgian Malinois of today. It is becoming more and more difficult to find a good working German Shepherd today that does not possess this sharp and crippling over angulation..




The Belgian Malinois


The Malinois is a sleek, fast, confident animal, somewhat slimmer and more agile than a German Shepherd. The Malinois is very attentive and protective of his handler. You will often see a Malinois lean into the leg of his handler when in a sit position. The Malinois can out-maneuver, out-run and out-jump the German Shepherd, but most handlers as well. The Malinois exhibits the working ability, and the structure seen in the German Shepherd many decades ago. This dog fits well into a family environment, but does require a more experienced or attentive hand and may not be for the first time or lax dog owner. We say this only because a large number of the public is not attentive, dedicated and disciplined enough to handle an animal with the superb capabilities of a Malinois. We have many novice and first time dog owners work successfully with the loyal and dedicated Malinois.

Although large Malinois do exist, they tend to be smaller than the German Shepherd adding to their cat-like agility. They have a shorter coat than the German Shepherd and are fawn, or red with black accent on muzzle, eye, and ear or fawn and red sable.

Unfortunately, due to the increasing popularity of this noble breed, it is quickly becoming ruined by show and sport breeders as the German Shepherd has been. Presently the Malinois still exhibits less health problems in general than the German Shepherd, but this too will change unless we stop poor breeding practices. The reputation of the Malinois of being a high strung, bite crazy animal has deterred people from using this dog for family or law enforcement purposes. Unmanageable, over-excited animals are being bred by sport trainers desiring highly prey driven animals, which do not stop to think. Finding a reputable breeder will ensure an excellent dog for home, law enforcement or military use.

The Malinois: A serious dog for a serious need.


Below please enjoy some pictures of Malinois bred at The Dogmen.







If you are presently using sporting dogs and training techniques for your security needs, the only true security you have is false security.




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