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K-9 Bootcamp
K-9 Soldier Tactical Training Academy

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The Dogmen Inc. offers a full range of dog training services for working breeds. We train for real life situations: home protection, SAR, therapy k-9s, law enforcement, military k-9s, and more. We do not train for sport competition. If you do not see the type of training you require, please contact us with your specific needs. 



Full Working Service Training creates the complete bonding of handler and dog. This type of training follows a strict philosophy, which in turn promotes stability in execution of the work. Going in depth into all phases of working service techniques; fire, water, gunfire, scent, natural and man-made obstacles. Very military in nature this type of training is not for the weak of heart. If you've ever asked yourself what are my limits and those of my dog; this type of training will not only take you to them, but beyond. Although physically demanding it is spiritually rewarding. Never before have the K-9 secrets of the second World War been accessible to the public. If you want to find out how and why man and dog work as one, then this training is for you. Available in actual field training only.



Training for working breed obedience is obedience work done under extreme stress situations. Unlike conventional obedience work, you and your dog will learn control in such a way that no one, nor anything will effect your communication. A very interesting program to enlighten even the hardest K-9 Veteran. Entertaining, informative and conclusive. If you're tired of the mundane or your dog seems to have a problem in this area, it's worth your while to look into this program. Available in actual field training and video.




This training combines the most intense man-made obstacles with natural obstacles, to create the highest possible level of confidence and stability in both dog and handler. Constantly changing and combining natural elements at strategic points, this course will test your abilities and stress levels to their fullest potential. Only with the K-9 at your side, can you experience the true beauty of flowing movement. Training courses available in both video and on-site, actual field work is necessary to benefit fully from this course.



Working service tracking takes the handler with the guidance of the K-9 deep into the invisible world of scent. A full understanding of terrain and climatic effects on scent will be obtained by taking advantage of this course. Not to be confused with sporting type tracking, working service tracking is conducted under all weather conditions, and on all surfaces. To fully understand and track any suspect, whether friendly or hostile we must understand human nature as well as K-9 ability. This course provides us with an in-depth view of these. We train in all weather conditions, day or night. Training courses available in video and on site courses.



This work is both fascinating and awakening. Bringing to light the incredible ability of the dog to identify one scent from another. Useful in many aspects of K-9 work. You will learn how to read your dog and communicate in this invisible world. Precision detection work ,and valuable knowledge of how to in the world of scent. In both theory and practical application, you will find this work a valuable asset to your K-9 dossier. This training is available on site and VHS tape.



This course begins in novice scent work and concludes in advanced scent and search procedure. Subterranean and natural scent patterns are studied in depth, terrain and work procedure are practiced and tested. Long range includes survival skills, climbing open with K-9. Grid searches, orientation and natural direction lessons are given. If you are a member of a team or a single handler, this course will assist you to face the many problems in SAR. From decision making and to both successful and non-successful searches. We will instill within you the discipline and dedication needed to face the work ahead. This training course is available on site only. Theory available on video.



Personal protection training involves bringing the handler and dog together through multiple exercises, including but not restricted to: attack on handler, handler down, multiple attacker and weapon work. It is important to note, the bitework involves all aspects of stabilizing. This, therefore, makes it necessary to be on site. The handler must undergo training as well to assure competence on and of the field. Unlike sporting work, the intensity and realism that is put into these exercises demand discipline but promotes sharpness in both handler and dog. This course is offered on site and video, we strongly recommend the handler receive training as well.



Police and security dogs bring both the novice handler and the seasoned veteran new perspective into the training and deployment tactics of these K-9's. At The Dogmen, we excel with pride into the tactical deployment of multiple K-9's. Virtually unknown in North America is the use of such K-9 units. Threat identification and management are dealt with. Placing the utmost in stability, this is not for those who shun physically demanding exercises. Although some factions of security work are dealt with on video, we strongly suggest on site training.



The tactical deployment of a K-9 unit is largely unknown in the law enforcement , federal, or military level. A true K-9 soldier can and will deploy under heavy or small arms fire, direct or return fire, the can distinguish friendlies from hostiles and have no hesitation in water, fire, smoke, subterranean or hostile terrain. Being able to work independently or as a team member, this remarkable asset will never be replaced by man or machine. This training available only on a professional need.



Here the K-9 is brought into the locating and indicating of weapons and munitions. Including black powder work. Being stabilized under extreme conditions is an intricate part of this training. A must for law enforcement dogs or special unit needs.



Strong and subtle detection are both covered here. Trained dogs are available in all tasks and tactics that we train at Dogmen. However, for those who choose to train their own detection dog on whatever element, this training is available.



In a situation that demands a cool head and a quick hand, it demands a good, stable dog. When surrounded or faced with multiple targets, the dog and handler must call on their training to take control without causing panic. Crowd control is an art . Moving large groups of people, controlling hostility through technique is the application of this art. This training available on site and on video.



This natural obstacle work is done in accordance with the specific needs of the individual. Although all of our trained service dogs are capable of working around, in and through these obstacles, we can intensify this training. Especially necessary for global areas of conflict where extreme prejudice in a tactical theatre is necessary.



This program is one of which we are extremely proud. Not only are these K-9s brought through a highly specialized training program, the handlers are as well. As is so often the case, when victimized by a violent predator, trauma is intense and lingering. This program is set to permit complete recovery to take place. Especially helpful for stalking, rape and assault victims. This training is available only on-site for both handler and dog.



This course is broken down into five modes. Each mode permitting the student to grasp further the philosophy and techniques of working service training. Working Serviceä is the promotion of discipline and control under extreme stress. Both dog and handler learn to adapt and succeed under all conditions of work. As this work gets discovered by the public, demand for these techniques and those that can teach them is growing at an incredible rate. Not a sport, nor a competitive form , working service is as real as it gets. Contact us for details.

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