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K-9 Bootcamp
K-9 Soldier Tactical Training Academy

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We train all working breeds or dogs of working ability. Pedigree and papers hold no value on our field. Rather the individual ability and desire of dog and handler to work as a team.


No experience is necessary for either dog or handler. We will work to the ability of the individual dog and handler. There is no competition or one up man ship permitted on our field. You are here to improve the natural abilities of your dog and your own handling skills. You are here to learn and enjoy you K-9 companion. If you are afraid of heights, then it is not necessary to climb the A-Frame, until we help you work through it. Stress is applied to both handler and dog. We expect you to do your best and know your own limitations. We are here to assist you. All SAR, Law Enforcement or other professional teams here to learn tactics and k-9 handling must participate in all activities.


There is no age limit for dog as long as he is healthy enough to participate. It's never to late to learn.


Classes are conducted morning and afternoon with occasional evening or night sessions. The more people that attend the more time will be spent in the field. Classes are of mixed experience level. Each K-9 handler team will work at their own level and endurance capabilities. Training is customized to suit individual need and experience level. The younger dogs benefit from the experience of the older dogs, and the older dogs benefit from the distraction of the younger dogs. The same applies to the handlers. All courses have a hands on approach. Each and every applicant must be willing and ready both physically and psychologically to achieve their utmost. The K-9/Handler team should be prepared to spend many hours outside, in all weather conditions, and on all types of terrain. The intensity of the course is adjusted to suit individual need and ability. If you've ever asked yourself what are my limits and those of my dog, this type of training will not only take you to them but beyond. Learn to work as a team. The day's class is discussed at the end of every day.


Food & Lodgings are included in course price. Simple cabins or barracks are provided for sleeping with a shared lounge, kitchen, and shower area. Your dog will stay with you. Meals are provided in a self-serve fashion.

Breakfast: toast, bagels, cereal, muffins, etc.

Lunch: prepared sandwiches, soups

Dinner: bar-b-Que. hot dogs, hamburgers, salads, chili, pasta, soups, pizza etc.

Beverages: coffee, tea, milk, juice, pop

Snacks: fruit, crackers, cheese, munchies

If you require special food or additional food, please bring with you or make arrangements with us to provide for you. No alcohol is permitted on premises. If your dog is sensitive to food changes, please bring food for him to eat. If you would like more private, comfortable lodgings we would be happy to recommend local motels.


You are responsible for arranging your transportation and that of your dog to the Baden K-9 facility directly or to the Buffalo International Airport where we can pick you up. If you require a car rental please let us know in advance so that we may make arrangements to take you there after your arrival. Baden K-9 is located in a rural area and the nearest small town is 10 minutes by car. We are able to take you in to town on occasion to pick up incidentals, otherwise if you want more freedom consider renting a car.


The applicant should be prepared to spend many hours out of doors in any and all types of weather conditions. Several changes of suitable outdoor clothing such as B.D.U.s and sturdy, comfortable, waterproof footwear should be brought. Other accessories which you may require, dependant on the season are water repellant items, hats, gloves, mitts, insect repellant, water canteen, thermos, flashlight, extra socks etc. Any personal items you require, towels, shampoo, laundering soap, bandages etc. and leisure materials. A detailed equipment list is available.


Every dog requires current vaccination including rabies and a letter of good health. Lead, harnesses, prongs are available to be purchased on site. If you know in advance that you require items, please advise us so that we can make sure the correct size is in stock. If your dog requires special dog food or is sensitive to a change in diet, please bring his food. If you are flying in you will have a crate, if you are driving in, please bring a crate with you and any necessary dog bowls. A simple dry food such as Pedigree is available for your dog.


It is the responsibility of the applicant to maintain control of his dog at all times both on the facility and off the facility. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure he or she is in good physical condition and able to participate in the required exercises. You do not have to be in prime physical condition, but in reasonable shape and enjoy the outdoors. Should the applicant feel uncomfortable or unable to complete an exercise, it is his or her responsibility to inform the trainer. It is the applicant's responsibility to maintain and or upgrade the dogs training as required and to keep his or her dog a "good citizen" A dog that is a "good citizen" is stable and safe in public and around family members.


Classes are kept small. You can expect anywhere from one to ten people attending. Private classes are offered to corporate groups, law enforcement or military.


All levels of training will contain working service philosophy. Participants will learn to work as a team with their dog. There is no competition or one-up-manship allowed at our facility. Courses can be tailored to suit individual need and experience level. K-9s and their handlers may enter Basic level course with any level of training or experience. Handlers must exhibit competence in handling, and dogs must exhibit stability in their work before moving on to more difficult exercises. Certificates are issued for the successful completion of each individual exercise. All certificates are signed personally by Mike Mc Connery. Completing a 2-week course does not guarantee successful completion of all the listed exercises. Every K-9/handler team will leave with a stronger bond, better capability to communicate and improved skills.

K-9/handler teams will advance at different levels dependent on their previous experience and the age and genetic makeup of the dog. You are here to improve your own skills and those of your K-9, not to compete with others.

Should you desire to learn about the world of working service, but have not yet chosen a dog, you may come and work with one of our K-9s.


A 25% deposit is required to reserve your spot, a minimum of 45 days prior to course date. The final balance must be paid by certified check, money order or bank draft on your arrival. Visa is accepted on site with card imprint and signature of cardholder. Discounts are available for group rates, dogs less than 6 months of age, deposits received 6 months prior to course date and returning DOGMEN dogs. Prices are in U.S. funds. Prices are subject to change without notice unless a deposit is paid. There are no refunds for cancellations, however your deposit may be applied to a future session. A liability waiver must be signed on your arrival.


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