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Southern Ontario Protection Dog Club

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We train in accordance with the rules set forth by the Protection Sports Association (PSA) and much of our training is towards the ultimate goal of competing and titling in PSA. That said, we have a few members not interested in competing, or even wishing to deviate slightly from PSA-style training in preparation for K-9 Pro Sports competition and we do our best to accommodate these individual goals.

In addition to preparation for PSA or K-9 Pro Sports competition, our members participate in tracking and article search. Scentwork strengthens the bond between handler and dog, and for those members that have aspirations to participate in Search and Rescue we want to facilitate them in providing a basic foundation for their dogs. We are not a tracking club by any means, but our dogs do simple fresh tracks of varying length up to several miles and over varying terrain.

Members can train towards personal goals in PSA competition or even K-9 Pro Sports competition. Alternatively, members may wish to participate only in obedience or only in tracking. The choice is yours!