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Types of Dogs for Sale from The Dogmen Inc.

Family Guardian VIP
Estate Security K-9 Patrol K-9 Dual Purpose
Patrol Dog
Narcotics Detection
Explosives Detection Weapons Detection Environmental Detection Arson Detection Search and Rescue K-9 Cadaver Recovery

Our pups are started at 6 weeks of age on natural and man-made obstacles, tracking, obedience, and the sound of gunfire. Puppies are familiarized with multiple surface obstacles, over all types of terrain in any and all weather conditions. Our future K-9 SOLDIERS® are raised in a home and farm environment, and work very effectively with distractions such as the sound of gunfire or the presence of livestock. Our young adults are taken off our facility and worked a city environment at various times of day and night, so that they are able to function well with distractions of crowds and traffic etc. We at Dogmen, follow a very strict breeding philosophy, using only the best and the fittest of our working K-9's. Both parents are certified working service dogs. No show dogs, no sporting dogs, because your life and the life of your family may depend on it. Noble of character, courageous of heart our dogs possess a natural beauty of which you will be proud.

At Dogmen, our dogs are trained to take the weaponed hand. In other types of training a dog is often trained to bite a sleeve, while allowing himself to be hit by an instrument resembling a weapon. In sport training, a dog that hangs on to the sleeve for a long time while being hit is considered courageous. At DOGMEN, we believe the dog should first bite the weaponed hand, then release and retarget as often as possible. We believe the dog should duck and fight. If a dog allows himself to be hit by a clatter stick, he will allow himself to be hit by knife or gun. In a real life altercation, this may cost you your life and most certainly injury or death to the dog.

Our dogs are taught to bite a sleeve only in the early stages of bite work. After that we move to coats, fully body bite suit, hidden sleeves and muzzle work depending on the level of training the dog is to receive. A dog that is taught only to bite a sleeve, is often interested in only biting the sleeve. Other methods of training, including sport training, often throw the sleeve to the ground after the dog has bit. The dog then continues to mouth or attack the sleeve on the ground, no longer interested in the assailant.

Our dogs are trained on positive reinforcement with proper correction. No food or ball reward. Dogs that are trained on food or ball reward can be tricked or tempted with food or ball by a stranger. They may also not function or listen when food or ball is not present.

At Dogmen, we provide you with phone or email support for the life of your dog. Because we are a training facility, not just a breeder, you are able to contact us at any time with any training or behavior concerns you may have. It is your responsibility to maintain and or upgrade the dog's training. We provide you with simple written instructions, which make it easy to keep the dog sharp. We will also provide a complimentary two-day trainer/handler course within two months of purchase. We provide the accommodation, you provide the transportation.


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