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Types of Dogs for Sale from The Dogmen Inc.

Family Guardian VIP
Estate Security K-9 Patrol K-9 Dual Purpose
Patrol Dog
Narcotics Detection
Explosives Detection Weapons Detection Environmental Detection Arson Detection Search and Rescue K-9 Cadaver Recovery

The Family Companion K-9

The Family Companion K-9 is suited for those families looking for the pleasure of an adult or young adult dog that is housebroken, obedience trained and without any protection training. These dogs as all of our dogs have been introduced to children within a few days of their birth. They have been handled by young children as they grow and are well-socialized to a home environment. These dogs will have had some introduction to working agility as a form of applied stress in obedience which builds confidence and teaches them to take direction under stress. They will also have had an introduction to track work, thereby having a solid foundation to build further training on should you desire it.

The Family Companion-Guardian K-9

The dogs at this level have received training in all of the following: Obedience, housebroken, socialized around children and livestock, familiarization around fire, smoke, water and live gun fire, basic scent, basic agility, multiple surface training, basic handler defense, takes the weaponed hand. At this level only simulated weapons are used. Dogs are trained to stay focused on the man, not the sleeve and they are trained to take the weaponed hand first, not bite and hold a sleeve while being hit by a weapon. Live gun work is done at a Level Three dog. Dogs at this level of training have only had the arms being used as the assaulting or threatening body part. They have not been trained to take multiple target areas. Dogs are trained to alert on the "watch" command and to deploy if an attack is made on you, or you verbally deploy the dog. Agility or multiple surface work is an important factor in a dog's training. First of all, your dog should know more than just "to bite", secondly it is a great confidence builder. Dogs that will bite on a groomed field will not necessarily bite or defend in a strange or unfamiliar area or if an obstacle is put in their path. Dogs that are worked on a variety of raised, slippery, textured or moving surfaces will have much greater confidence and a greater ability to adapt and function in a stressful, real life altercation where many unknown factors will come into play. Tracking is also a great confidence builder and can be a very enjoyable and rewarding pastime. Obedience is incorporated into the stress of the agility work. Dogs that are taught obedience only, on a groomed field, with no distractions are more likely to break or go into disobedience when outside stress and distractions apply. At Dogmen, we build all of the dog's natural abilities to create a stable, competent animal for your families protection.


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