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Training Updates


Tuesday, July 8, 2003

Well, Maika has been home for over a week now, and man have I ever been BUSY! I haven't slept, I barely eat, and when I'm taking any time for myself, it's usually to brush up on my game plan for how I'm going to make the best life for this little dog. I haven't really started much with her beyond socialization, as we're still just getting to know one another. She's smart as a whip, and seems to have everything I wanted and then some. I can't thank Mike and Petra enough! :)

Maika's first day home was largely spent introducing her to Zeus and vice versa. Zeus is my boyfriend's Doberman Pinscher, remember? Anyway, it went better than expected, and now it's pretty safe to say that not only does Zeus tolerate the pup, but he seems to love the company. Maika also enjoys Zeus, and though she's still too small (in my opinion) for them to interact, they can greet one another on-lead or through the crate bars. So far, so good (knock on wood).

Maika slept a lot the first couple of days. I was concerned about her health, but believe me, I know now that she has all the energy a malinois puppy should have! :) She's got some pretty endearing traits that I am learning about as she spends more time in my home. For example, she will not tolerate a piece of kibble on the floor. If she drops a piece, she will always pick that piece up before taking more from the dish. She might even be finished eating, and then see a piece of kibble she had dropped behind the dish, at which point she will give this funny look, walk over and eat it, then go back to lay down. She'll do this even if there is still food in the dish, meaning it isn't just a hunger thing. :) Maika knows that she is to chew her "bone" and not the rug or wall, and even if she DOES chew on the rug or wall, her bone is within reach, and she dives for it when she's about to be repreimanded.

Maika's great in the car, and already walking well on-lead, save for the odd balking at "scary" stuff (i.e. revolving doors, trains, etc.) Maika's got nerves of steel, I tell you! Already she's been to two car shows with Shaune and I, seen a train and two noisy fire trucks, been in Niagara Falls (yeah, tourist season) and seen fireworks. Nothing phases this puppy, and even if she gets startled by something, her recovery time is literally SECONDS.

Maika's tracking is something else! She'll already find a stranger on a one-minute track over variable surfaces, with a visual send-off. More than I'd expect from a now 7-week-old pup. All this was natural, and off-lead. We haven't really started much work even on tracking, so this was a true indication of her natural ability. Aside from tracking, Maika is learning to be a good pet, to "sitz" and starting obstacles like the walk-over and barrels. Mike has begun aggitation with her, but obviously no bitework yet.

Wednesday, June 4, 2003

Since Maika is still living with her littermates and mom, there is no training being done at this time. Consequently, there are no training updates to be made. Please keep your eye on this page, however, as after June 28, 2003 (my first day of total puppy ownership) updates are likely to come rolling in! Until that time, please enjoy the photos in Maika's photo album.