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Maika's Litter (1 Week of Age)


Here is the Mutig x Magnum litter that my little Maika is part of. There are 8 puppies, 5 males and 3 females. Mike says that this litter looks to be very "rich" in colour which is what I was hoping for. The litter was born the early morning of Saturday, May 17, 2003. The puppies are only 1 week of age in this photograph, and so their eyes and ears have yet to open. Still, they are easily the cutest little balls of fluff that I have ever seen!
Another shot of the litter at 1 week old. Maika is most likely the darkest pup, farthest left. I havent chosen for 100% certain, but unless something drastic changes my mind I think I love her the best of the three females.
One more pic of the whole litter... Again, I think Maika is the pup farthest to the left. For sure she is one of the darkest ones in the litter. Here they are 1 week old.
The week-old litter again, this time if my memory serves me, the boys are to the right and the three girls are to the left. I'm pretty sure that Maika is the dark puppy to the left of the photo.
Another shot similar to the one above. I am pretty sure that Maika is the puppy to the left, and one of her sisters is beside her, but now I am not so sure that the other puppy to the left is in fact the third female. Ah heck with it! They are so hard to tell apart!
Six of the week-old puppies. I don't believe that Maika is in this photo. If she isn't it would be one of the few! :) I want to say that she's the puppy at the bottom but I'm not quite sure enough.
The pack disbands! A shot taken just after the one above. I think if Maika is in this shot, she is the puppy at the bottom.
Here are two of the female puppies at just 1 week of age. At this time, I'm not certain who I will choose to take home, but I do particularly like the dark female at the top of this photo. She's the darkest puppy in the litter, and so is likely to be the reddest as an adult. Unless something changes my mind, I think I will choose her.
The girls again, 1 week of age. Maika is the dark puppy in the middle.
Another photo of the 3 girls, with little Maika being the bottom left (under her sister). They don't do much but squirm around and whine at this point.
The 1-week-old girls again, all huddled together. Maika is the darkest puppy, on the bottom right.
1-week-old Maika (left) and one of her sisters... Hmmm... Maybe I should call them "Yin" and "Yang"! :)
The 1-week-old females. Maika is the darkest puppy, in the middle of the pile.
One of the litte week-old boys. How could you NOT love this face?! Eyes should be open next weekend for sure, and I think ears might be as well or close to it.
A nice shot of the 5 boys together. Appreciate this photo, because it is likely one of the only ones I'll be able to get with them being so still! :)
5 sleeping boys... One week old in this shot.
The last photo in this series, 4 of the 5 boys... I think the fifth one might be under the pile, but I'm not 100% sure.