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Trainers Course In Working Service ä


Training By Dogman Mike McConnery

Learn to train working service philosophy and present some realism into your training. Our courses are generally offered in two, three week sessions overlapping our Bootcamps. This provides the applicant the opportunity to work with the public as well as privately with us for one week. We have designed this split course to allow those already running training facilities the ability to take a short leave of absence for their work schedule. It provides an opportunity to work in the field with the knowledge you have learned and return for your second session with new questions and problems fresh in mind.

We do not follow a rigid class schedule, rather work to the level and ability of the people participating. This outline below is a general course outline only. Feel free to ask questions or suggest materials you would like to cover while here. All courses have a hands-on approach with most theory taught in the field while working. Course content can be altered and customized to suit individual need. We recommend you bring one or two of your own dogs to work with as well. The dogs should have varying degrees or levels of training. The training should suit the level of course you are attending. Our own dogs are available to work with as well.




Directed at those who desire to learn on a public format. This course will give the applicant more than enough hands-on knowledge to conduct public classes, and begins into the training of dogs required for personal & home defense. It is aimed at those who desire to train dogs not intended for tactical work or as a foundation for those who desire to further their knowledge later. The kit necessary for this course is B.D.U.s , boots suitable for outdoor use, and clothing geared to the climate and the season you will train in. All leads, collars, long line, and harness are provided for by us and become the property of the applicant. The course is offered in two separate, 3 week segments. It is run overlapping our K-9 Soldier Bootcamp which allows you participate with those attending the Bootcamp as well as one week working with us privately.


 Working Service Philosophy

 Suitable Breeds, Male Vs. Female

 The Application Of Stress To Promote Stability

 Explanation And Application Of The Drives In The Work - Prey Vs Defense

 Basic Obedience Under Stress

 Off-Lead Obedience

 Off-Lead Agility

 Basic Tracking Involving Handlers Lost And Simple Tracking Of A Victim.

 Basic Agility On Man Made And Natural Obstacles

 Basic Bite Work Using A Sleeve And Full Body Bite Suit

 Role Of The Helper

 Role Of The Handler

 Target Presentation, Arm, Arm Reversal, Leg

 Learning How To Communicate With Your Dog

 Learning To Assess The Level Of The Dog

 How Much Stress Is Enough Stress.

 Assessing The Dog's Body Language

 Assessing The Skill Of The Handler

 Proper Praise And Correction

 Problem Behavior


Level Two


This level takes you further into the world of working service trainingä . All areas of obedience, scent work, agility and protection are covered more deeply and with increasing amounts of applied stress. This will further prepare you for work with the civilian sector, corporate and estate security dogs. You will have a concrete foundation to begin more specialized training for law enforcement, and special ops teams.


 Advanced Stress Application In Obedience, Agility, Scent Work & Agitation

 Use of Distractions, Fire, Smoke, Loud Noises

 Agitation in Full Body and Hidden Sleeve

 Preliminary Muzzle Work

 Multiple Target Areas

 Guard An Article

 Guard A Vehicle

 Taking The Weaponed Hand

 Basic Off Lead Personal Defense & Home Defense Scenarios

 Perimeter Work

 Searching The Home

 Deployment on a stationary or advancing target

 Applying Stress To The Handler

 Discrimination & Location

 Indication & Location

 Advanced Man Tracking both hostile and friendly

 Tracking Multiple Targets

 Vehicle & Building Search

 Deploying In & Out of a Stationary Vehicle

 Deployment through water & smoke





Please call for a custom quote.


This course is set up for advanced handlers and trainers and covers the high tech tactical deployment procedures used under extreme prejudice and is open only to law enforcement, S.W.A.T. teams, anti-terrorist extraction teams, certified bounty hunters, licensed private security personnel. The detailed contents of this course will be discussed only upon receipt of a request on official letterhead of the above departments only. This course is conducted privately. Prior experience from attending our other courses is compulsory or an equivalent level approved by us.


 Working through active deterrents, mace, fire, smoke etc.

 Arrest procedure

 Crowd control

 Bunker introduction

 Detection introduction

 Extraction work

 Multiple target work

 Advanced scent work

 Advanced obedience under stress

 Advanced bite work

 Multiple K-9 Deployment


The applicant's kit is the same as level one, although we strongly suggest you be physically prepared for this sometimes strenuous course. Upon completion the applicant will be certified by Dogman Mike McConnery at the level he or she has successfully proven themselves.


We train for live theatre deployment. No sporting dogs or sporting techniques. We're serious about what we do, if you're life depends on it, so should you be.


Mike Mc Connery of The Dogmen Inc. has become the most respected name in working service® dogs. Often copied, but never duplicated. Our dogs, our videos, our equipment are produced on our own facility. Never do we rely on the work of others. This ensures that we produce the finest in K-9 SOLDIERS®, videos, and equipment, enabling us to equip you with that hands-on knowledge and security. Remember at Dogmen, when the tailgate drops, the bullshit stops.

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