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The Dogmen Inc.

Experience the magic of Working Serviceä


Owned & operated by Dogman Mike & Petra McConnery

In Ancient times, there were men much revered and respected for their ability to communicate and weave magic with the creatures they loved. They were called upon and well paid for their knowledge in the field of battle. Those who where known for their natural ability with horses where known as horsemen, those who were known for their ability to communicate with dogs where knows as ........ DOGMEN.

We welcome you to experience the magic and the mystery of working serviceä training; Its truth and its honesty; Its strength and its softness; Its honor and its discipline. Learn the true art of K-9 handling and communication and strengthen your Human/K-9 Bond.

Promoting Breed Awareness & Responsible Dog Ownership.

In Recognition Of Our Soldiers, Men, Women & K-9 That Have Served Our Nation.

Committed To Saving Our Noble Working Breeds. It's Time We All Take A Stand.

K-9 Soldiers: Loyalty, Ability & Stability

Handler & K-9 As One.


Mike & Petra McConnery * The Dogmen Inc. * NY, USA & ON, CANADA * (905) 957-4823

ã February 2001 The Dogmen Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED