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The Dogmen Inc.: Who Are We?

Mike McConnery - the Dogman, watching while wife Petra gets ready to deploy Hexe

We are the only facility of our kind globally. Original named after the city BADEN in the state of BADEN, Germany, we strive to produce the finest working service dogs the world has seen. The city of BADEN, Germany was home to the most elite K-9 training facility used during the Second World War. The German K-9 units in WW2 were undefeatable and it is their training techniques and philosophies that this facility, NOW known as The Dogmen Inc. is built on. In late 2000 we announced with great pleasure our name change to The Dogmen Inc. This change made in order facilitate a conflict of many years between Mike and former spouse over our former business name . We are very excited by our new name and the meaning behind DOGMEN. BADEN is now a registered trademark owned by Emmy Perry.

Mike McConnery - the Dogman established his first training facility in 1972 after serving one tour of duty for the United States Marine Corps. Initially he worked closely with military, federal law enforcement and private security firms. In the last decade, seeing a need for good working dogs and training, Mike McConnery has offered his experience and knowledge to the public and civilian sector. We currently train outside of Buffalo, NY, and Niagara Falls, ON.

Dogman Mike McConnery and wife Petra own and operate The Dogmen Inc., Inc., and Dogs At Risk USA only. Mike McConnery has no affiliation with any other dog training facility, despite the extensive use of his name and the promotion of his credentials by Baden K-9 Inc. of St. Anne's, Canada, solely owned by former spouse Emmy Perry. The use of his name is done so without his permission or his endorsement.

The Dogmen Inc. is owned and operated by a husband & wife team, Mike and Petra. After serving for the U.S. military, Mike was fortunate and privileged to study, for most of his adult life, under one of the highest-ranking German K-9 officers of WW2. The German K-9 Military units were undefeatable and their training tactics and philosophies kept highly secretive. It is these training philosophies that The Dogmen Inc. is built on.

Mike McConnery is head trainer, does all advanced agitation, law enforcement or military work. He sets up and supervises all training scenarios, and assesses and evaluates all dogs. Mike has almost 30 experience with working breeds and has worked extensively with federal and state law enforcement in both Canada, the United States and around the globe. His expertise also includes military deployment, bounty hunters, law enforcement, search & rescue, witness relocation dogs, victims of violent crime and many individuals both on a personal and corporate level with a critical need for a true working K-9.

Petra coming from a family of German Shepherd dog owners was introduced to working serviceä training through her husband 9 years ago. She, as well as an excellent support staff, handles many of the dogs at The Dogmen Inc. Ordering videos & equipment applications for Bootcamp, further written information, puppy information, training classes and any appointments with Mike can be arranged with Petra. Working along side Mike for the last 9 years has given Petra irreplaceable hands-on, working knowledge in civilian level working serviceä training. She teaches some of the more basic public classes in working service training with young dogs, preparing clients for more advanced work with Mike and offers support training and assistance on the field with Mike as well.

Petra holding Brianna, and Mike holding Meaghan

This is a second marriage for Mike, which has provided both Mike & Petra with a partner who share a deep love and concern for our noble working breeds. Mike & Petra have three daughters Meaghan and Brianna, who both help socialize and feed, walk and play with puppies so you can be assured they are well socialized around children. Meagan turning 6 this year 2002, Brianna 4, with our third child Michaela just born June 30, 2002, so the dogs have great exposure to the antics of young children and toddlers. We live on a farm and all the dogs are brought into the home on rotational basis. Meaghan and Brianna are out with new born pups very early on to provide exposure and imprinting with children in the first days of life. We raise solid, stable, serious dogs for your family's protection.

Capable of being a stable, loving, family member that can and will defend and protect. Our dogs are bred and trained to think and react under stress. No food or ball reward. No shock collars, clicker or other trendy training props. Only proper praise and correction. The dogs work for love of work and bond to their handler. Tricking a dog to produce certain behavior with the reward of food or play provides you with a dog than can be tricked by a stranger using food or toy reward. It may also produce a dog that will not work unless food or toy is present. If your life is on the line, your dog must react quickly and effectively. No time for a treat.

The Dogmen Inc. is a comprehensive breeding and training facility. We are not just puppy producers. Our dogs, our videos, our training are all produced on our facility.

1998 photo of young GSD "Axel" socializing in the house with our children.


Mike & Petra McConnery * The Dogmen Inc. * NY, USA & ON, CANADA * (905) 957-4823

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