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To the left of the main part of the screen you will see the "New Journals", "Featured Site", and "New Photos" tables. No-brainer, right? in the appropriate section, I will place the new journals that are not yet in the archive, and the new photos that are not yet in the Thumbnail Gallery. There will be up to four new journals and four new photos at any given time. After being "bumped off" their respective "new tables" the journal entry or photo will enter the appropriate archive (or the Thumbnail Gallery, as the case may be).

The Featured Site is... Well... The featured site. I'm going to put a nice little graphical link to a site of my particular liking for an unspecified period of time. Links will still be added to the Links categories, but the featured site will always be one that I feel is particularly great or important, and you should make time to visit the site if you have not.

To the right of the layout you will see the Updates and Links categories. All recent updates will be posted appropriately, in a scrolling list. To access a page of links from the convenient table, click on your desired category which will open a new page in the center of the screen. Remember that all links open in a new window, so don't be afraid to surf around, you can always get back to Working Malinois by closing the new window!

That's it! Now go look around. :)