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After the owner disappears among some bushes or something, the dog is allowed out to find the owner. We praise the whole way, especially at the end, when the dog finds his owner. All of the dogs found the owner, but some took longer than others. Mike let everyone work at their own pace.

The pups are doing fabulously! Red tracked me with Petra accross a horse field and into a little grove. He did it in about a minute! Of course, there is snow on the ground, which may or may not have assisted him, but I'm certain assisted Petra to keep him on the trail. She wasn't leading him or anything, but I'm dying to see these pups track without snow on the ground. They CAN track though, because if there are several tracks in the field, they do follow the right one. I tracked a pup named 'Blue' on Petra. This was interesting, becuase both Blue and I faced away as Petra ran off, so I had no idea where she went. For some reason, I assumed that she had run up the road, when really she had crossed the field (in a different place than I had, of course). I instructed Blue to seek, and right away he wanted to cross the fence and go into the field. There were footprints, but because the whole fence row looks the same, I assumed the track was my old one, and pulled Blue up the road after me. I was convinced that she had gone up the road. After about a minute, I guess Petra saw me encouraging him to track up the road, so she called me.