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Koehler Method of Dog Training, The
Written by William R. Koehler
Perhaps one of the oldest dog training books still in publication, this book explains how to effectively teach your dog to respect you as a handler, and respond reliably to your commands. Upon completion of all the exercises in this book the dog should be capable of earning an American Kennel Club CD title.
My Comments

I bought the whole "trilogy" of the Koehler obedience books (there are two more related titles available; The Koehler Method of Utility Dog Training, and The Koehler Method of Open Obedience) and all three were very good. However, I feel that this book was the best of the three and really the only one that a handler needs, unless of course they plan to compete in AKC or CKC Obedience Trials.

You can tell that this publication is old (the illustrations and photos are crude) yet it is worth every penny spent. This book and its author have been the subject of much controversy in the dog training world, but what it comes down to is a working dog absolutely must obey its handler's commands. This book will help you achieve a satisfying relationship with your dog.

Pages: 190 $33.95 CDN