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Good Owners, Great Dogs
Written by Brian Kilcommons
Considered by many to be the Bible of puppy-rearing, this book walks the reader through all phases of dog ownership, from selecting the right puppy to correcting behavioral problems in the adult dog.
My Comments

I absolutely loved this book, and cannot recommend it enough! I have sticky-notes in all of the chapters, and I find myself constantly referring to the section on raising a puppy. This book is worth its weight in gold!

The training method proposed by this book is perfection, with one tiny exception; As the owner of a working dog, assuming you will eventually want to do some form of bitework, you do not want to discourage mouthing in the puppy. I ignored this section of the book, but the rest of it is applicable to anyone raising a puppy or training an adult dog. This book is full of photos (although black and white, unfortunately) and anecdotal stories that will keep even the pickiest reader interested.

Pages: 282 $19.99 CDN