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I have placed a deposit on the next malinois litter at The Dogmen Inc. (Mike and Petra McConnery) and I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my puppy. Of course, I have already decided that I will choose a female, and her name will be Maika. The name 'Maika' (pronounced the same as the prophet Micah, also in the Old Testament) is actually a Japanese name. The kanji that are used for the name Maika mean 'dance' and 'fragrance'. I chose to name my puppy Maika for two main reasons; I think that it is a pretty name, and the hard "K" sound makes it a very appropriate name for getting the dog's attention and giving a command.

Update on 04/02/03: Mutig is pregnant, and the litter should arrive in less than two months! The sire is Magnum, and he is stunningly gorgeous. I am hoping to get photos soon, but the last couple of Saturdays have been rainy so not great picture-taking weather. Please bear with me. :)

More information will appear in this section of the introduction when I actually bring Maika home.